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This is what patients have been saying about Dr. Hassenfratz:
The problem that brought me into J.P. Hassenfratz's office was a daily chronic headache for the past six years.
I have seen 60 doctors, alternative health care providers for my condition and aside from sitting in an oxygen chamber last summer for 40 times which provided some relief, seeing James Hassenfratz, is the FIRST real time that I have seen steady improvement in my headaches. I was sent to him by my friend that has had severe migraines for years and he helpled her, plus a friend of hers that has daily chronic headaches, so I ran to him when she told me this!!
When I saw him for the first time, I had a daily chronic headache of 7.5 everyday (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst). After receiving adjustments 3 times a week for the first month, my pain went to a 6.5 level and then after antoher month it went to a 6. After another two months, it went to 5.5 (I have the most stubborn headaches of all which is why it took me longer than most of his patients). After 6 months, we realized that if he did Cranial Suture work on my head, face, jaw and neck that I would get more relief and that has brought my headaches down to 4.5 - a first in 6 years. He is the only man in Los Angeles I know, who does Cranial Suture or knows how to do it. It is very intense and specialized.
He is my miracle man, and I refer my friends to him. He is ALWAYS in a good mood and brightens my day. If you want to get rid of your headaches, daily chronic migraines, he is your man!
With gratitude,
I've been a long time Chiro patient for more than 20 years. But, there's no one with more gentle hands like Dr. Hass. He's been treating me and my family for years and now extended family members. He assesses the problem area and does his magic! I suffer from migraines. When I feel one coming on...I quickly make an appointment and Dr. Hass does his magic and I feel great again. During and after each birth of my kids - Dr. Hass was right there to put me back in order. He's even adjusted my young children - and they couldn't be healthier!
I strongly recommend Dr. Hass to anyone who wants to feel great all the time. To stay active, competitive, on the go without any pain - you absolutely MUST see Dr. Hass for your entire family Chiropractic Care!
Tami F.
I came in because my neck was stiff and sore due to vertigo. I was in alot of pain and just miserable.
I, now am feeling so much better. I realize I have some ways to go, but the progress has been swift and immense.
I definitely believe that Chiropractic care has helped so much and would recommend others to visit and seek help.
Jason M.
I was involved in a car accident that brought on some damage to my ribs, neck and lower back. The treatment received from Dr. Hassenfratz was very beneficial to the flexibility and circulation of my spine as well as stimulating the healing process of my ribs.
I would recommend treatment for anyone that had the same type of injuries. And the staff was very helpful as well.
David L.
I'm a long time believer and Chiro patient. I was looking for another highly skilled Chiropractic and someone to keep me adjusted, balanced and healthy. I was referred to Dr. Hass by a friend.
Dr. Hass employs a variety of techniques to physically and creatively realign and restore my good health.
As a lifelong athlete who has had many injuries along the way, I have come to enjoy and rely upon the adjustments from Dr. Hass to keep me aligned, healthy and able to enjoy many activities as I get older.
I highly recommend Dr. Hass to anyone looking for relief and many techniques to help prevent injury or reoccurrence. It has made a very positive and dramatic impact on my recovery, health and well being.
Kim W.
I came to Dr. Hassenfratz because for the past 9 months, I was getting migraines. I went to my general doctor and he didn't know why I was getting them, so I went to see 9 neurologogists and had an MRI done. Luckily, it came out all normal. But I still had the migraines. So, I started taking a drug call Imitrex 800mg with ibuprofen. Sometimes it would help. So, my general doctor gave me different types of medicine and nothing was working. So, I came in to see Dr. Hassenfratz and on my first visit, I felt the difference. Then the next day I didn't wake up with a migraine! I would normally get migraines 6 out of 7 days. Now, I'm 7 out of 7 days without migraines and NO MORE DRUGS!    All thanks to Dr. Hass.
Vanessa B.
I came in to see Dr. Hassenfratz with back issues, ongoing. I now come in for maintenance mostly. I've benefitted greatly from monthly adjustments and massage therapy.
I would,  and actually have recommended friends to Dr. Hassenfratz's office and care.
Thanks for the years of your special care.
Mark W.
I came to Spine & Sports of Beverly Hills because of pain in my right shoulder, back and hip. I received therapy that included electro stimulation, ultrasound and unmatchable adjustments and massage by Dr. Hass.
It has improved my life in that my pain is alleviated. As a result, life is not lived through a dark filter of pain. Not only would I recommend someone for Dr. Hassenfratz's care, I do all the time.
Bassil H.
1. I had a slip and fall in the market on some grapes. My right leg went forward and my left knee/lower leg buckled and folded over and my knee hit the floor. Much pain in my knee and right on the knee cap.
2. I now have much improved movement and reduction of pain and fewer pain days.
3. I would highly recommend Dr. Hassenfratz.
Sanjay S.
My lower back was giving me a lot of problems, so I came to see Dr. Hass upon the recommendation of a co-worker. Dr. Hass took an immediate and honest concern for my well-being, and helped identify and treat a serious back problem that I had not known about previously.
I highly recommend him to anyone interested in Chiropractic care. He has been a very positive influence on my health.
Charles G.
Dr. Hass has been able to address pain and discomfort due to stress from work and stress from my hobby of fencing through an ongoing maintenance program.
I have been able to pursue my interests in a painfree way.
Greg W.
I had shoulder and back problems. The treatment I received from Dr. Hass eliminated the stress and pain points. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hass to my friends.
Hector G.
It is important for me to have proper body alignment at all times. Dr. Hass has greatly improved my quality of professional and personal life with his dedicated and excellent care. Not only through his adjustments but, his mind, body and spirit counseling as well.
Thanks, Doc.
Tina K.
I was recommended (three years ago) from a friend to come to Dr. Hass and I got adjusted. Having never been adjusted before, obviously he has completely turned my life . My back, and my entire body into good health.
I would of course, recommend him to anyone.
Kristen K.
Dr. Hass really cares about each person he treats and spends the time during a thorough job.
Shellee B.
My weekly Chiropractic adjustments have really helped me to keep myself physically aligned. The relief that I get from the treatments continues to make me a believer in Chiropractic. I believe Dr. Hass is one of the best, if not the best, Chiropractics in Los Angeles. His hands are like gold, and he has just the right touch. I recommend Dr. Hass and Spine & Sports to anyone who is interested in feeling well-balanced. It is a great antidote to the daily stress in our lives.
Neil S.
I think I've been seeing Dr. Hass for about eight years. Wow! I've had various back problems from various reasons and he and his staff have always taken great care of me. Dr. Hass is great to talk to about healthcare and a variety of other subjects, too.
His staff is always friendly and professional. His massage therapists are phenomenal. The environment is always clean, smelling yummy, festive, and soothing music is always lingering in the background.
I'm grateful that Dr. Hass has taken good care of me and my back over the years.
Lori H.
My neck pain and migraines brought me in. My C1 and C2 get locked tight. I can be in a migriane and after I get an adjustment. It's gone like magic!
I get adjusted once a week and I only get a migraine a few times a year instead of once or twice a week like before.
Jennifer O.

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