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Meet Your Doctor
Dr. Hassenfratz, D.C. is a board certifed Chiropractor, who has been in private practice in Beverly Hills since 1995.
Dr. Hassenfratz graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic in Los Angeles, California with a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree.
Dr. Hassenfratz has run multiple marathons in Hawaii and Los Angeles and 5 and 10K in Manhattan Beach, California with a goal of competing in a triathlon in the near future.
Dr. Hassenfratz is devoted to increasing wellness care in his practice. In addition, to exercise and rehabiliation programs. His goal is to have you live your life pain free and drug free to optimal health (as fast as possible), in a gentle and safe manner.
Dr. Hassenfratz has been featured on Discovery Channel Fit & Health TV.

Understanding Disc Problems

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